Thursday, August 30, 2012

Birthday Parties and Flower Girls

I've been invited to a birthday party. She's turning 8 and she's seriously fantastic!
Let me tell you something weird about me -my first five years of teaching I mentally chose a flower girl and ring bearer from my students. How weird is that?! I wasn't engaged. (I had a hunky guy in mind.... so I was planning.)

Little Miss Abby stole my heart early. We already went to the same church. She talked about Jesus in class. She witnessed to kids at recess. Held worship services under the tree at the playground. She would come to class and say, "I prayed for you last night." Yep. Heart stolen. Love that kid.
(These photos feature Abby and one of her besties. That other little cutie is pretty amazing too... Quite the mini-adult and blossoming fashionista. She even makes her own jewelry!)

Well, I called and asked that little sugar's momma if she could be in our wedding. I waited to ask her until the last day of school so it wouldn't be awkward for her in class




s you can see....I'm a fan of her. She even sent me a letter right before school started.. I'm so excited and completely honored that she invited me to her 8th birthday party. Now.... I just need to think of what I should get her. Part of me thinks Hello Kitty (because she is an official fan after being in my class) and part of me thinks some sort of books.... Bet I could call and ask her mom. But that'd be way too easy!

Have a delightful day!

Get your fashion on!


Erica said...

Such a cute story and what a sweet girl. Now I know the truth... teachers DO have favorites ;)

I'm celebrating my pup Patrick's birthday this weekend too... looks like we'll both be getting our party on. ;)

Annmarie Pipa said...

you definitely rate to make the list!!! good for you. have fun!!

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