Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Soft Touches with The Kissing Hand

Today we talked about the third part of the Magic Triad: Soft Touches. If you're not a teacher or a parent - it could sound like we're using voodoo or some other creepiness. The Magic Triad is part of the Great Expectations program. It's a positive approach to discipline in schools and I really like it!

Okay - the Magic Triad is: smile, kind words, and soft touches. We read the book The Kissing Hand.

Love the sweetness of the story and the special relationship between the mommy and her son.... darling. 
 The Kissing Hand


I love how even though I showed them how to do it - each little Raccoon has it's own personality. Gotta love first grade sweeties! Seriously, 3 days later and I'm crazy about my kiddos. I want to be the best teacher I can be and make lots of memories and help my kids learn all they need to know. 

Finally... I got around to taking that picture. I LOVE my first grade teammate. She is AMAZING! The very best blessing sent from God. Seriously - she's my teaching soulmate. I don't know how I'd function without her and I hope I never have to find out. It's like we take turns taking care of each other. She remembers stuff that I forget and I think of projects we can do together. We're the perfect match. Plus, outside of teaching, she's a special friend and prayer buddy. Love that!
First Grade Besties

On a fashionable note - this is one of my FAVORITE shirts I own. I bought it at a thrift store for 50 cents! Can you believe it?! I seriously love to wear it. Black skirt - super dressy. Dark skinny jeans - classic and chic. Definitely a favorite! You bet your sweet bippy I sat in the floor in my black skirt today too! Don't tell me teachers can't dress up... although my makeup left a little to be desired by the time this photo was taken.

Get your fashion on and enjoy life!


Courtney B said...

LOVE your shirt!! So dang cute!
And I bet you are the BEST teacher ever! It makes me so happy to hear how much you love it :)

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

omg this are so cute!! and I love the shirt, great colors on you! teaching is such a wonderful experience! xo

crayolajennie said...

Very cute raccoons!!! Those are also some pretty cute teachers too! :)

Emily Elizabeth said...

That is so nice that you have someone like your friend here to be by your side and help you out! :] I love that shirt!

♥ Emily

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