Saturday, August 4, 2012

Apple for the teacher - DIY

I'm a sucker for all things apple - aka all things teacher. Silly thing is... I'm not a real big fan of eating apples but I sure think they're cute. Super kawaii - means super cute in Japanese!

Recently, I saw another blogger wearing a cute apple pin. I began my search in thrift stores and realized, "Hey, I'm crafty. I'll make one!" And thus, the following tutorial.

  1. Foam Sheets - purchased at the Dollar Tree
  2. Craft box - with pin backs  - you can get some here
  3. E 600 Glue - it's amazing - get it here
  4. Multi colored felt - I got mine in the craft section of Wal-Mart
  5. Fabric Scissors

    First, I googled "cute apple". I already had an idea in my mind - sorta but I needed some inspiration. So - that being said, I cut out the following shape.
  6. 002-11 
    I knew I wanted my apple to have a face. So I cut tiny black circles for eyes and a thin curve of black felt for a smile. I cut tiny pink circles for rosy cheeks, cause fruits have faces, doncha know? Lastly, I cut out a brown stem. That's what our first grade teachers taught us is right. ;o)
    Something about his shape is wonky... he needs a little fixin'.
    Add an "apple bottom" divot and a leaf. Glue this little cutie to some white craft foam to stabilize.

    Glue your pin back
     wah-lah! ta-da! twinkle! and other sparkle-tastic sounds!

    Isn't he so stinkin' cute?! I pretty much love it... I can wear it on my teachery cardigans. I can attach it to to a headband. I can also wear it as a hair accessory like this cool lady did!

    What do you think? 
     Get yo' CRAFTY fashion on!
     Linking up at the wonderful Classy Clutter for Spotlight Saturday this week too. If you've never checked them out, you really should. They've got GREAT ideas and they're DIYers. 


    crayolajennie said...

    Very cute! I thought for sure after reading 'sparkle-tastic that it would have glitter somewhere. I was tricked. :-)

    Erica said...

    A teacher who likes apples??!! Shocking! ;)

    This is so cute. I also made an apple pin recently. Great minds think alike!

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