Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Teaching on Tuesdays

Little classroom management tools.... to hopefully make my life easier. Plus- gives you a glimpse into my classroom. Got to spend my first full day with my darlings

I've seen several versions of this on Pinterest but I did my own tweaking and came up with this. I think it's pretty cute. 
Getting Home

This is supposed to help those sweeties remember to put their names on their papers... we shall see. 
Highlight Your Paper

Get your fashion on...
I need a nap.



Elsha Bodily said...

These are quite genius! All my friends are teachers and starting school this week, so jealous of them and you :) Kids are way more fun and grumpy old men that I work with

Ashley Kelly said...

Both of those ideas are so cute and very brilliant! I can't wait to start teaching!
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